How many concepts will you provide initially? Suppose I am not satisfied with them?

It all depends upon the package you choose. We will do our utmost to revise and improvise the your logo until you are totally satisfied with it.

In which format do you supply my logo?

The completed logo is supplied in .PNG, .PSD, .AI, .EPS and .JPEG file formats.

I already have a logo. Can you change it to the vector format?

That is possible. However, the cost depends on the complexity of the logo design you supply to us. Kindly fill up the contact form and attach your existing logo and send it to us. We will send you a competitive quote.

How many days do you take to deliver the final logo?

Check out the different packages we offer. You will find details of the delivery schedule over there.

What is the difference between `logo revision’ and `logo redraw?’

When you opt for a logo redraw, it means that you want an entirely new logo design. The cost for the same is the same as for a new logo, because we design your logo from scratch. However, when you request for minor changes to your logo, such as changes in the font style or in the color, or any such minor changes, it is termed a logo revision. We charge a small sum for these changes.

Do I own the copyright of the logo?

You own the copyright of the logo. We suggest that you get your logo copyrighted. A grayscale version of the logo is also supplied as part of the package. You should send the same to the copyright authority.

My question is not covered in your FAQ.

Visit our contact page, fill up the form with your query, and sent it to us. We will provide you with the answer shortly.

Do you provide vector format as well?

The .EPS format, which is one of the file formats we supply is in the vector format.